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Poetry - it's all you need.
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letting go and letting in.
i cannot remember the day i fell
in love with you. there was no
single moment, no grand epiphany,
no sudden realization. i did not
plan it, or necessarily want it at all
that doesn't mean i didn't need it.
i needed you, with your red jacket and
peppermint breath and gentle words.
i was a moth, and you, a burning
flame, pulling me closerandcloser until it was too late.
i didn't deserve you. i was scared and angry and
you didn't need that (me). you are stability -
you are affection and i was nothing but bitter
i held on. i opened like a nightflower
to your sweet moonrays and your
reflective light fed me and made me whole
again. and i thank you for that.
the tides are shifting and i am
being carried with the current.
i am not in control of where it takes me or
what happens along the way and it scars me
to be so outofcontrol and free
it's time.
and i am ready to move on.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 4 1
untitled one.
stepping on cracks would never
break my mother's back
and isn't that a shame. isn't that
a fucking shame.
pennies aren't worth
your hand-me-down bones –
a fractured support system.
you're eroding away
before my eyes and who would
want you? who in their right
mind would want
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 21 14
we are the dead_c
you have become the nicotine lining my esophagus
dripping into my lungs darling
i can barely take in any more oxygen
it settles in my chest like bleach and
burns like fire on my tongue
and i want i want i want
to wrap you in my arms but i think
no scratch that i know
you're just a bittersweet dream
waiting to eat me away from the inside
when you're gone for two weeks
i'm on the floor coughing up blood and
it looks like pictures on the linoleum
but there's no one here to tell me
they look beautiful anymore
i am so broken without you my perfect drug
and no matter how many times i get my fix
i'm still crying out for more more MORE
my screams are filling up my ears and
all i need to know is why you're never there to hear
i find myself doing nothing but strangling
words and raping metaphors
but i'm done doing ugly things for you
you're not worth my bated breath
or my cracked fingernails up against your throat
trying to rip an 'i love you' from your lips
we all know i'd believe those lie-lac
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 18 14
a run on poem.
i. there's a boy who no one knows or sees
but me because he's invisible and hides behind
road signs because he's from nowhere and
has no place to go
ii. he's most beautiful when his ribs show
and osteoporosis settles into his marrow so
if i were to tap along his xylophone bones
he would shatter
iii. he's bleeding words in ringlets from the
lacerations in his neck and all the paramedics are
on holiday when you need them most
or so i've heard
iv. there's a shaking in his cells i don't recognize
and a need for an immediate injection of
morphine to his bloodstream but i'll just have to
staple his eyes shut
tell him it's the best way to see
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 28 31
the spiders are the only ones who listen to me
anymore. they make beautiful patterns across the nape
of my neck and down the curve of my back, their
delicate legs making my skin shiver. they weave words
over my teeth and down into the opening of my
esophagus, and i have to learn how to breathe
without destroying them.
they want to protect me, they say.
but it feels like there's an eyelash in my eye and
they're intent on ignoring my pleas to go, go get it out
as they continue their aerobics up and down my
sloping vertebrae. and there's a splinter under my nail,
digging deeper and deeper under my flesh and
i can't move to pull it out.
don't be afraid, they say.
but i can hear the scratching of silk as it slides
into my lungs and stretches over my pulmonary veins.
a million and one chelicera are causing microscopic
incisions in my arteries as they make their way into
the right ventricle of my heart. they're
invading my insides, swarming through my body.
and i'm stuck trying to remember wh
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 224 182
i call this a heptahedron.
i'm nothing but a washed up cliché  
with pages of poetry locked behind my eyes
and forced under my damaged fingernails.
skin is my canvas, an empty slate,
and i'm painting stars in colors that do not have
names; colors that only exist in my mind.
every day is a wait for 11:11 and the opportunity
to discuss my darkest secrets with four-leaved clovers
and moving lights in the night sky.  
i'm dancing on the tips of my toes
to avoid stepping on cracks in the pavement
and killing a family of ants.
i spend afternoons making up religions  
and teaching them to my stuffed animals
just so i can forget them, myself.  
i'm finding shapes in the clouds
and stained glass in the depths of your eyes,
but i have yet to find a shape in myself.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 68 50
today i am:
i. pulling dandelions by the roots
and watching as the wind takes hold
of every wish and sends them on their way.
ii. planning to kill eleven ladybugs with
the palm of my hand because
isn't that just a nice number?
iii. engraving my name into your bones
just to prove that you'll always be mine
and dissecting your insides because
i want to know every part of you.
iv. talking in metaphors you cannot understand
and watching my words pour as blues and greens
from my splintered joints.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 17 12
lost in the oceans lullaby.
i am diving into the belly of the sea.
my hair is tangled in seaweed and my ears are full of sand. i'm following in the shadow of a pirate's ship and discovering how impossible it is to paint its hull a more beautiful shade of rust. i'm catching glimpses of mermaids in the mirrors of an underwater kingdom and befriending anglerfish and bottlenose dolphins.
i am searching in the tide pools.
i am reaching into each microscopic world and coming up with nothing but sand-encrusted fingernails and handfuls of hermit crabs. i am watching as starfish stretch their million little hands, reaching in search of something invisible to me. and my feet are becoming a home to the guppies and shellfish.
i am inhaling and exhaling with the moon.
i am lying among the sand dollars as the tide crashes overhead, washing up jellyfish and empty crustacean shells for the greedy seagulls. i can hear the ocean's secrets roaring in my arteries and my heart thumping in the nape of my neck. my vision is fading
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 35 45
nothing but a lovesick dreamer
i want to fall in love.
i want to trip and stumble into a stranger's arms and through the dirt and the scraped knees i want them to see something in me worthy of metaphors. i want my heart to cough rainbows and diamonds and everything good instead of the sick black filth that's always rising in my throat. i want someone to look at me and tell me i'm beautiful and they love me and will never leave me. i want them to lie through their teeth.
i want to know i'm doing something dangerous.
i'm not afraid of the broken bones or the missing teeth. i'm afraid of being left behind while everyone else is learning to fall.
so let's try falling, shall we?
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 22 34
where the wild things are_c
here, you will not find
gold-encrusted fairies or
silver-coated unicorns hiding
between the towering oaks.
this is not a place you
will think of as fondly as
the patterns of falling rain
against the window's glass.
there are runs in your stockings,
here. there are little girls
smoking cigarettes and turning
their thumbs to sin.
here, you will stand under
a broken umbrella while your
mascara falls black against
porcelain cheeks, giving you the
illusion that you're crying
stained tears.
here, each blade of grass
has long since turned to ash
like the future generations
of our community.
here is not a place you want
to be, as horrifying as
the big green monster
waiting in children's closets.
when you cry for help
no one hears the noise, and
nothing is real. there are
killers in your own home,
behind furniture, under
every table and dresser.

this is a place where earth
crumbles under the soles of your
shoes and tree roots are left
clutching empty air.
here, there's no left and right
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 5 7
you're a perfect stranger.
to the one who finds this,
i don't know your name or where you come from. i don't know how you drink your tea or whether you
prefer the color purple or yellow. i don't know what you wear to bed or what your favorite song is. i don't know anything about you – but i think i just might love you. when i see you in a crowd, or walking down
the sidewalk, my veins tighten and i turn my head, quickly, to try to get a better look at you.
[most of the time, i am disappointed.]
but i haven't given up quite yet.
you're beautiful,
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 29 18
i am lost at sea.
i'm not what you thought i would be.
there are pages of poetry wedged behind my bruised eyelids.
i'm sitting in front of the bathroom mirror with tweezers and i'm picking
at the corners of the notebook paper and getting nothing but a dozen and one paper cuts.
my lungs are intoxicated by your secondhand love, and i'm not sure if i want to learn how to breathe again.
i'm homesick for a place that isn't actually my home, but it's not yours either.
i know you don't know me, but i also know you don't want to.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 8 7
69 days of summer_c
summer was like
coaxing fireflies into outstretched
palms, only to find yourself left
with a jar full of mosquitoes.
like the caloused soles of your
bare feet or the sound that
they make as they
on the burning earth.
it was like lying in
the middle of your driveway
feeling the sun stretch
across you skin.
like the view from the trails,
the feeling of finally
accomplishing everything
as your toes curl over
the edge of the precipice.
summer was like
the feeling of warm notebook
pages ruffled by the wind,
and the flip needed to
uncover more words.
like watching sea stars
stretching their million little
hands, reaching in search
of something you can't see.
it was like waking up
to the smells of seaweed and
the sand and shells that
go along with it, being
carried across a gentle breeze
through the open window.
summer was like life:
lessons intertwining like
blades of overgrown grass,
memories that stretch
towards the sky as if
they were eternal.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 11 8
i want to be a real poet.
i want you to know that
you sound like the color yellow.
like sleeping hands or a
violin solo in a symphony
or cold bed sheets in the summer.
i want you to know that
i would remain for eternity if
it meant you would be there,
by my side. i could be your lover -
today, and every day.
i want you to know that
my every molecule screams out
to you. my spine is fractured and
my lungs are collapsing under the
pressure and i'm not sure
how much longer i can take this
but i guess a few more hours
wouldn't hurt.
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 15 12
dear constellation-eyed-girl,
i hope you know that you're slowly
destroying my insides.
my bones are shaking and my spine is twisted
and crumbling into my ribcage.
my heart is buckling under the pressure
in my chest, and i can feel
my arteries clogging and my veins
knotting and why aren't you here
to save me?
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 10 8
a million white wishes.
there's a boy down the street
who strums songs on his guitar that
you wish you couldn't hear.
who's being flooded under the waves
of his own paper tears
he wishes there was someone
who would just listen.
apparently, wishing on
captured dragonflies  
isn't going to work anymore.
one day, he decided to
cut paper hearts out of that
old construction paper he had left
in the back of his closet.
not until after he had
a decent pile of lopsided hearts
scattered around him
did he realize
that there really was no point
to what he was doing.
there never was.
snow is one of the few things
he can still enjoy.
white flakes that taste
like pure happiness
fall into his ghost breath.
he doesn't know they're cold
because he confuses
them with the warmth
that always rises in his stomach.
that's when he realizes
why he cut out all those hearts.
now they cling
onto the bare branches
suspended by paperclips
and kept company
by a million pure white wishes
that continu
:iconmalinda-rose:Malinda-Rose 23 20
these are pieces of me. please don't take them.




victoria rose.
United States
v i c t o r i a . r o s e

sometimes i vomit
metaphors about snapped wrists
and emphysema.
hello everyone. my apologies for the false come-back a few weeks (months) ago. but i really just haven't been able to keep writing. my writing was an outlet for everything that was going on in my life, but i don't really need it anymore. believe me, i've tried to write a line or two of verse whenever the inspiration struck, but nothing ever came out of those meager scribbles. i'm honestly not the same person i was when i wrote those poems. and i like it. i've grown so much happier.

anyway, i'm here to say goodbye (for now). i don't know if i will be coming back, because i may need my writing in the future, but for right now i'll be over at my shiny new account, whitetippedwaves. however, you won't see any writing over there. instead i'll be putting up my visual artwork. it would be great if you guys took a look, even though i know you'd probably rather be reading poetry. and i would love love love you forever if you could donate a few :points: to my new account. i'm really in need of a subscription over there. i'm also doing drawing commissions.


thank you all for everything.



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